Program requirements for The Green Bear Mark of Excellence®


are established on a material class basis that seeks to identify substantive compositional or construction similarities within the class.  For instance, mattresses would be considered a class of material that is separate and apart from the bedding used on the mattresses.

Manufacturers who affix The Green Bear Mark of Excellence


 on their products will have entered into a formal agreement that clearly defines how the products so identified are to be made and what materials drawn from the Green Bear


 Approved Product List are to be used in the manufacture of the product.

The Green Bear Mark of Excellence


Program Requirements do not simply stop at the content of the products.  In addition to the content requirements, The Green Bear Mark of Excellence


also establishes performance requirements (such as full-scale flammability protection) that products must achieve.  Manufacturers participating in the program commit to ongoing quality control measures that seek to assure end-users that the Green Bear Mark really does identify those products that have successfully achieved a meaningful balance of environmental stewardship and practical performance.

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